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Published Jul 01, 21
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Unlike Nasdaq quotes, these quotes are more in the nature of workout quotes or estimates, rather than firm quotes at which a trade can be executed. Although some large firms are included in this group, most are smaller firms. Trading in pinksheet stocks tends to be relatively thin, or lacking in order depth and breadth, so that it is often difficult to move more than small amounts of stock without price concessions.

This market consists of trading directly between institutions, without involving brokers. Among the first applications of computers was a search for the trends in stock prices postulated by the Dow theory. Various tests detected only very weak trends that were incapable of supporting investment strategies. Although the tests do not definitively disprove the existence of trends, the empirical observations led to the conclusion that stock prices are best described as a random walk, i.

The efficient markets hypothesis (EMH) arose as an explanation of this empirical observation. The EMH suggests that information is fully reflected in stock prices. If information is fully reflected, price changes will be the result of the arrival of new information. The arrival of new information will be random, since anything known would already be reflected in the price.

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Two important possible misconceptions must be mentioned. The first misconception is that the random walk and the efficient markets hypotheses suggest that stock prices are random. Quite the opposite, the EMH suggests that information is fully and accurately reflected in prices, so that prices will be close estimates of true intrinsic value.

The second misconception is that the hypotheses imply that nothing can be known about the price changes. This is wrong. Although a random walk implies that price changes cannot be exactly predicted, it is still possible to describe the probability distribution of price changes. Market efficiency is closely related to both liquidity and price discovery.

Aside from the importance of efficiency for the capital budgeting role of the secondary markets, the question of market efficiency is important to investor strategy. If information is fully reflected in stock prices, that information cannot be used to generate excess returns, i. e., returns greater than could be expected without using the information.

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Unfortunately, the factors are not defined by the theory, and there is no theoretically supported and generally accepted set of factors. While there is no entirely satisfactory theory to specify expected returns, this does not make testing impossible, merely less precise. The effect of information can be detected by testing not for "excess" but for "unusual" returns, where unusual returns are returns that differ from observed historical returns relative to market returns.

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Studies of the weak form of the EMH include the original trend studies and numerous tests of trading rules. The majority of evidence to date supports weakform efficiency. This would seem to rule out as an investment approach. Proponents of the technical approach argue, however, that the tests are inadequate and that application of mechanical rules without human judgment would, of course, be useless.

Finally, tests of the semi-strong form have provided mixed results, revealing the presence of anomalies that indicate that at least some forms of public information are not fully reflected. The tests have several shortcomings. One problem is that they tend to use computer-accessible data that deal with the markets we would expect to be efficient.

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The question of efficiency is best thought of as one of degree, rather than kind. Efficiency is not so much a matter of all stocks being correctly priced at all times, but of most stocks being close to intrinsic value most of the time. Markets are relatively efficient if mispricing is small, infrequent, and short-lived.

The NYSE is relatively efficient, as is the AMEX. When we move to the OTC, we must consider the subgroup. For widely traded Nasdaq stocks, the markets are likely quite efficient. But the bond market is often described as less efficient, and market efficiency for low-volume pink-sheet stocks can be expected to be below Nasdaq efficiency.

The name comes from a court ruling that noted that some investment schemes promised little more than a patch of blue sky. These state laws were insufficient, inadequately enforced, and easily circumvented. Pools, or small groups of investors, cooperating in manipulation of stock prices and other unethical practices were not unusual.

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It is interesting to note that the disclosure requirements of the organized exchanges had an important impact on the field of public accounting, and that the 1933 and 1934 acts added the requirement that be audited by an independent accountant. The auditor's opinion and the acceptance of registration of a securities issue by the SEC are similar in that neither is an endorsement of investment value.

Several professional organizations, such as the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, also set forth ethical codes governing those holding the designation. Insider trading is an important issue that has not been satisfactorily resolved. Insider trading is trading on private information about a firm that has not been released to the general public.

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While some cases of insider trading are clear, such as buying by a corporate officer based on knowledge of unannounced increased earnings, there is no exact definition of insider trading. Present interpretations involve not only the nature of the information, but how and by whom it was obtained. Accidental acquisition of confidential information does not confer a fiduciary obligation, and the information can be used.

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Since the days of buttonwood trading, the securities markets have been constantly changing. The introduction of the telegraph in the 1840s and the 1850s opened up trading on exchanges countrywide, and local newspapers began to list Wall Street price quotations. The 1870s saw the introduction of stock tickers and the telephone.

The role of the specialist has been challenged by those who point to the OTC and to foreign markets such as the Tokyo exchange as proof that the specialist is an anachronism. Regulation is only one source of pressure for change, however, and competition and technological innovation may be a bigger factor.

Those who consider liberty as a primary value are naturally very reluctant to support any imposition of government authority. This is not to say that state action is always inappropriate, but the standards for determining instances when the state should intervene are strict and unyielding. When calling for government regulation in any sphere of endeavor (whether economic, social, or political), it is prudent to bear in mind the fundamental principles upon which our country was founded.