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Published Aug 23, 21
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The movement in stock prices is determined by the last executed trade between the seller and buyer of the specific stock. What is the Difference Between Stock Price and Share Price? Fundamentally there is no difference between the term “Stock Price” and “Share Price.” In the US A and Canada, the term “stock price” is used.

They are both fully interchangeable and mean the same thing, which is the price of a given portion of the equity in a publicly listed company. What is “Last Price” in Stock Market Terminology? If a stock is currently trading, meaning the stock exchange on which it is being traded is open, then you will see the “Last Price.” This is the price at which the stock last changed hands from seller to buyer.

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50 for one share and the trade was executed, the “Last Price” is $2. 50.The Last Price changes with every executed trade. In the US stock markets, prices are quoted in $ US Dollars. So, if you trade in the US, you will see a stock price of $2. 21.How to Read London Stock Exchange Prices, UK Share Prices Are in Pence, not Dollars.

The trade time can be useful to help you spot a stock that is very thinly traded, meaning it has a lack of liquidity or buyers and sellers. You should avoid shares that have low liquidity because you might have difficulty selling the stock because of a lack of buyers.

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The Percent Change gives you an indication of the increase or decrease in the Stock Price since the previous trading day. In the example above, we see that British Airways has increased by 2. 55% since the previous days close. Stock Price: What is the Previous Close (Prev Close)The Previous Close is the selling price of a particular share on the last transaction of the previous day’s trading.

Stock Price: What is the Open? Interestingly, the is the price at which the first share was traded for the current trading day. Here we see that the share price opened at 219. 9, but the previous close was 216. This means the stock price gapped up on open by 0.

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In essence, it is the difference between the Open Price and the Previous days Closing Price. What is the Bid Price? The is the price a buyer bids to buy a stock. The is the current market price offered for the stock. A stock exchange is like an auction, with an Asking Price and a Bidding Price.

The easy way to remember this is “BID TO GET RID.” The is the price you would get when you want to get RID of the stock. What is the Ask Price? The Ask or Asking Price is the opposite side of the trade to the Bid Price. If you want to buy stock, this is the price that someone else is ASKING for it.

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An easy way to remember this is “ASK TO BUY.”But why is there a difference? If one person is selling the stock at BID 221. 30 and another is buying the Stock at ASK 221. 50, there is a difference of 0. 2 pence per share (in this case, less than 0.

This is called the spread. What is the Stock Price Spread? In the case of Netflix on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, lots of shares are traded every day. So the people handling the transaction between the buyers and the sellers have no problem finding matching partners for each transaction. When a stock is traded a lot, it means it is very Liquid or has a lot of Liquidity.

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When a stock is very rarely traded, and the buyers and sellers cannot agree on a price to make a trade, then the spreads tend to be larger. Where does this difference in the BID and ASK Price go? The spread is usually the fee for the Market Maker / Broker or Specialist handling the transaction.

99 per trade that goes to TD Ameritrade or other discount brokers. Large Bid / Ask Spreads Warning, So be careful about the spread. Stock Price: What is the Days Range? The Day’s Range is the price range within which the stock price moved up or down for the current trading day.

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What is the 52 Week Range? The 52-week range is the value between which the stock price has moved over the last 52 weeks of trading. This is not the last calendar year; this is the previous 52 weeks from today. Investors assume that if a stock is close to its 52 week high, it is overbought; conversely, if close to the 52 week low, it might be undervalued.

Some traders seek to buy stocks at the height of the 52-week range as they expect a pull-back. Other traders buy at the height of the 52-week range expecting a stock price breakout to new highs. A good 52-week range depends on your individual trading or investing style and strategy.

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On a daily chart, the volume represents the number of stocks that change hand on that day. High volume and a decrease in stock price is a bearish signal in stock analysis. High volume and an increase in stock price are bullish according to analysts and supply and demand theory.

Good volume means good liquidity, meaning that there is enough money to keep the bid-ask spreads tight. This means you can usually sell for the price you want at the time you want. If there is low trading volume and many gaps in stock price bars, this is a low volume warning sign.

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For example, if many people exchange the stock every day and money is flowing in and out of the stock, it is deemed highly Liquid. This means a low bid/ask spread and better trading conditions as you can easily liquidate your stocks when you need to. U.S. Stock Price Example, This the next Stock Price example we use a more recent quote for Face, Book (Ticker: FB) from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

53 – this is the last price for the previous trading day. If you look at the stock on a Sunday, the previous close will be at the end of the trading day on a Friday. What is Stock Price 52 Week High/Low? This is a useful indicator to show the range of trading in the last year, the Highest and Lowest levels of the stock price.

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Read more on the P/E Ratio here.What is the Ex-Dividend Date, Dividend Payment Date, Current Yield? As Facebook has not paid a dividend so far, these fields are blank. The current yield is the Dividend per share, divided by the number of shares. So, if you have one share work $10 and the company pays a dividend per share of $1, you will have a dividend yield of 10%Why do Stock Prices Change? Stock prices change due to supply and demand pressures from the market participants, according to the following rules:If is to – Stock Prices Remain the Same.

If is greater than – Stock Price Increases. Why Do Stock Prices Change? Example, Imagine you live in the Caribbean, and you own a Pineapple stand at the local market. During harvesting season, you have lots of pineapples to sell; in fact, you have more pineapples than people to buy them.

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So, in order to sell all the pineapples and maximize your gross profit, you will reduce your prices to encourage people to buy more. When the pineapple season is over, people still want pineapples, but you have less to sell. You still want to make a good profit, so you increase the price of your pineapples.

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This means there is more demand than supply. Why Do Stock Prices Go Up? Why Do Stock Prices Go Down? What Determines a Stock Price? On any given trading day, a stock’s price is determined by what it sells for. This means when a sale is completed, that is the LAST PRICE the stock was sold for.

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The direction of a stock price’s movement over the long term is how well the company is doing. If a company is making great profits, paying dividends, or has a stellar future (and the market participants believe it), the stock price will rise. If the company has a poor financial performance, lowering profits, poor products, the company will be deemed by the shareholders to be worthless, therefore sell the shares, and the price will drop.

Remember three things:BID to get RID (the price you will get when you sell a stock)ASK to BUY (the price you will pay when you buy a stock)Be careful of large stock price spreads as this can means there is not a liquid market with enough buyers and sellers. The Price Earning Ratio helps you judge the relative value of a stock compared to its peer in the same industry.

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In most cases, dividend paying companies are larger, more profitable, and can afford to pay out a portion of their profits each year to their shareholders. You can also view the estimated earnings date for the security here. Earnings are when a company announces it’s financial results for the quarter, and are usually announced a few weeks ahead of time.