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Published Aug 20, 21
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Of course, if there is no default you will receive your $1,000 at the end. When Buying at a Premium However, sometimes a bond which will repay $1000 upon maturity will be priced such that you have to pay more than the $1000 that you should receive on maturity. Let’s say you pay $1,100 for a face value of $1,000.

Again the coupon rate of 10% is calculated on the face value of $1000 you will still get coupon payments of $100 per year ($1,000 * 10%) but in most cases it will come as $50 semiannually. If you hold the bond to maturity, you would end up $500 over the 5 year life of the bond, minus the $100 premium you paid.

Again, if there is no default you will receive your $1,000 at the end. Based on the above you may want to buy the bond at a discount, however sometimes that just is not possible but you can still get great value buying it at par, or at a premium.

The details Interest/Coupons: Usually paid every 6 months, but may be monthly, quarterly, or annually. These rates may be fixed or variable. A variable rate bond is usually tied to market rates through an index such as the rate on Treasury Bills. The risk: When you invest in a bond, consult the ratings agencies (eg.

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These provide ratings for all bonds so investors can understand the level of risk inherent when taking a bond. While bonds are generally a safe investment, this is not always the case. Minimum Initial Investment – TT$50,000 Minimum Subsequent Investment – TT$5,000 Minimum Initial Investment - US$10,000 Minimum Subsequent Investment - US$1,000 .

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How To Invest in the Stock Market The best starting point is to contact a stockbroker. You could, alternatively, have a conversation with a financial advisor or with someone who has experience and knowledge about the stock market, but to actually get to owning a stock, all roads will lead to a stockbroker.

The stockbroker’s job is to advise you on the stocks that best suit you. So they will typically first have a conversation with you about what you are looking for. Is it that you want to invest in stocks that will grow over time? Or do you want some that could give you a regular amount of income in the form of dividends? Or maybe a bit of both? The stockbroker will help to identify those stocks that meet this profile.

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Years ago, all shares were pieces of paper which, as you imagine, could have been easily displaced and took a while to have transferred from one investor to another if they were traded. The electronic format makes it safer and faster. Which means that dividends paid by these companies can easily go to you.

The bank made JMD8. 6 billion for the year, but it was a disappointment for NCBJ whose profit the year before was JMD10 billion and a record-setting JMD13. 9 billion in 2011. In its first quarter ending December 2013, the bank made JMD2. 9 billion in net profit, which is only marginally higher than the prior year results.

The competitive uniform price methodology used, resulting in an interest rate of 7. 5%. The next auction on the Regional Government Securities Market will be that of the Government of St Lucia’ 91-day Treasury bill, which will take place on 30 January 2014. The maximum discount rate offered from this auction is 6.

The country’s stock exchange was established in October 1981 under the provisions of the Securities Industry Act. Since 1995 the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE) and its members have been regulated by the T&T Securities and Exchange Commission, in accordance with the Securities Industry Act. The 1995 act was eventually repealed at the end of 2012 and replaced with the Securities Act 2012.

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Nine other financial institutions are also government securities intermediaries. Limitations In theory, the TTSE connects the capital of T&T’s investors with leading companies that are active in the economy outside the energy sector. The reality is different. For many of the stocks, the free float is very small, with share registers dominated by institutional investors, strategic owners or multinationals.

5m ($693,900), representing a 1. 7% rise over 2013, and a sharp rise over the average of TT$3. 1m ($462,600) traded in 2012. Over the four years to the end of 2012, the number of trades that were undertaken on an average day varied between 35 and 40; however, this figure steadily increased to 47 in 2014.

In late 2013 the government sold just under 20% of First Citizens Bank, the second-largest locally owned financial institution, by way of an IPO. The deal was a success in that the government was estimated to have raised about TT$1. 1bn ($169. 62m) from the sale, and investors who participated in the IPO have done well.

40) and have traded at between TT$35 ($5. 40) and TT$40 ($6. 17) for most of early 2014. Recent Troubles However, the IPO was marred by controversy. One of the bank’s then senior officials managed to acquire a substantial allocation of shares through the part of the offer that had been reserved for employees, and then sold all the stock in January 2014 at or near the highest share price (over TT$40, $6.

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Krishnadath Ramlogan, the general manager of NEL, told OBG that while NEL manages its portfolio, it does not take an active role in the firms in which it invests. Ramlogan said, “We are looking for investments to diversify our portfolio and spread our exposure to the energy and petrochemicals sectors.

Morton-Campbell said that the TTCD and TTSE would work with the Central Bank of T&T, which acts as the central clearing bank for T&T dollars cash settlements among the seven broker members of the TTSE on a T+3 basis. Cash is moved to and from brokers’ master accounts with commercial banks.

We also recommend the Motley Fool for an introduction to investing in the Caribbean. Look at this review on Motley Fool for a better idea of how this platform can inform your stock picks. What do you want to achieve by investing in the Caribbean stock market? Your strategy should contribute towards these goals.

You also need to adapt your strategy to the island you’re investing in. For example, when dividend investing we would advise avoiding Jamaica because they levy a 15% tax on all dividends. On the other hand, Jamaica has a 0% capital gains tax, meaning that you should be looking at companies with the potential to grow their share prices in the years ahead.

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Short term trading typically leads to magnified losses and a lot of stress. There are so many reasons to begin investing in the Caribbean. It’s a relatively undervalued market, with most investors not even thinking about expanding to this part of the world. While not as glitzy as the European markets or as lucrative as the U.S.

Make sure you do your research and manage your finances carefully before diversifying into this region. Have you considered investing in Caribbean stocks? .

Click here to see our current Stock Price TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: In Thursday's trading session the following reflect the movement of the TTSE Indices: The Composite Index declined by 2. 31 points (0. 19%) to close at 1,238. 50. The All T&T Index declined by 3. 07 points (0. 18%) to close at 1,697.

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