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Published Jul 20, 21
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However, the engaged part that continues searching quality stocks for the long term, go through such corrections to stack their portfolios with right picks. To distinguish stocks that deliver over medium to long term, one must utilize a healthy mix of subjective and quantitative elements that impact investor returns in the long term.

While the stock market is filled with vulnerability, certain tried and tested principles can enable investors to boost their odds for long-term achievement. There is no assurance that a stock will bounce back after a great fall, and itʹs important to be realistic about the possibility of poorly-performing investments. Whatʹs more, despite the fact that recognizing losing stocks can mentally flag disappointment, there is no shame perceiving mistakes and selling off investments to stem the further loss.

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Always do your own analysis and study on any particular company, before investing your hard earned money. While some tips might work out but there is a possibility that they might also get you to lose, long term success demands deep research and study before investments. Rather than panic over an investment’s short-term movements, itʹs smarter to follow its huge picture direction.

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There are different ways to pick stocks and it’s important to stick with a single philosophy. Moving between two different approaches may not prove effective, which is dangerous. Investing requires settling on informed choices dependent on things that presently canʹt seem to occur. Past data can show what might be on the horizon, yet itʹs never ensured.

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Yes, it is possible to make money in stock trading. Many people have made millions just by day trading. Some examples are Ross Cameron, Brett N. Steenbarger, etc. But the important thing about day trading is that . The number of successful people is very less even though they have good knowledge of the stock market.

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But all the successful traders have one thing in common that they follow a system:Rule 1:They never over trade. Rule 2:They always has a set target and stop loss. Rule 3:They trade only when their trading conditions are met. Rule 4:They understand market psychology. Apart from following a system, day traders need a strong knowledge of technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

If anything goes out of the plan, then they close their trade and book the losses. One must understand that the Stock market is influenced by big players like hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, FIIs, DIIs, etc. They are considered to be market movers and market makers. There is a minority of successful traders group that can take money home because they understand the psychology of the market.

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Never take any trade impatiently. If you start buying stocks the way you buy your vegetables, then no one can stop you from creating wealth. Discipline is the key ingredient of any profitable strategy and patience is the quality of discipline and most of the people who enter the market have lack discipline and patience.

On must never trade with the money that they need as they can end up wiping their trading account. One must understand the difference between stock trading and day trading. Stock trading is done based on fundamental and technical analysis and the psychology behind investing in stock is to create long-term wealth.

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The big players in the market focus on risk management whereas retail traders focus on profits and they end up taking leveraged trade which for most traders. On the other hand, if we focus on a 2% risk on our capital then we will still be there in the market after consistent losses.

Ashu Sehrawat has quickly made a name for himself as one of the top stock trader and self made millionaire in India. At only 22-years old, Ashu Sehrawat is a successful day trader and swing trader who continues to scale and evolve his strategy. In our interview, we discuss Ashu Sehrawat 's journey to day trading success, his trading strategies, and lessons he has learned along the way.

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Ashu Sehrawat initially became interested in the stock market 4 years ago at the age of 18. Ashu was exposed to entrepreneurialism at a young age. His father had a passion for entrepreneurialism and built a successful business. As the business began to grow, Ashu Sehrawat 's father started investing some of the extra profits in the stock market.

Ashu Sehrawat saw that his Dad was making money and started to become interested in the stock market. After coming home from work every night, Ashu would research stocks. He eventually opened a trading account and joined a penny stock chat room. This chat room focused on buying breakouts so, naturally, this became Ashu Sehrawat 's trading style.

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Every time Ashu bought a breakout, the stock would move against him until he, ultimately, blew up his first small account. Ashu Sehrawat joined the blog chat room and started watching traders like Derrick, Eric, and Phil. He would concentrate on WHY they were short selling and send them questions via private message from time to time.

After studying short selling tactics for some time, Ashu placed his first trade. Ashu Sehrawat 's first short trade was on the low price stock. He shorted 2000 shares, the stock pulled back 0. 50/share and Ashu Sehrawat made a 1000 profit. Needless to say, he was instantly hooked on short selling.

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He realized he needed to start developing better criteria if he wanted to become a more consistent trader. Ashu Sehrawat decided to focus on stocks where the underlying company was poorly operated, continuing to add debt, and releasing "fluff" news. This criteria began to shape Ashu's overall trading strategy at the perfect time.

It is not shocking, then, that the pendulum of investment sentiment is said to swing between fear and greed.

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Anyways, before we start this post, let me take a quick quiz. How many such super successful stock market investors do you know. Well, let me guess. Everyone who enters the stock market world might know about at least “Warren Buffet”. He is the greatest investor of all time and the fifth richest person in this world who made his fortune by consistently investing his money.

Here’s a quick link to Superstar Portfolio. His first-ever large profit in the stock market was from selling 5,000 shares of which he had previously bought for Rs. 43 per share and selling them at Rs. 143. His later career was marked by his buying of six crore shares of in 2003 at an average price of around Rs 3.

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RK’s journey in the Indian stock market is truly inspiring. He was not always actively involved in the stock market. He started his career as a trader in ball bearing, with no intentions to enter the stock market. However, his future has something else planned for him. At an age of 32, post his father’s death, RK was forced to close down his ball-bearing business and had to join his brother in the family stockbroking business, which was inherited from their father.

His knowledge of the stock market was very limited. He made many mistakes initially by speculating the stock prices. However, he soon understood that the market is heaven for those who are serious about it and want to make a great fortune in life. ALSO READ When he got involved in stockbroking, he understood that he can’t make lots of money just by watching other people trade and invest.

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Gradually, his judgment began getting right, and within the next couple of years, he was standing as one of the most successful investors in the market. RK Damani’s strategy is quite simple- Invest in good companies for the long term. RK Damani always sees the future prospects of the company before investing and invests only if the product has potential far ahead in the future.

Further, he advises everyone to make an exit strategy clear before making an investment in any stock. He further adds that the economy of a market is hard to predict; however if you have researched the stock carefully, and had made a good strategy, then you can easily make fortunes in the stock market.