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Published Aug 12, 21
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Well, unfortunately, Biden left no table unturned, as he was already leading in double-digits right through his campaign for the U.S elections, so the plausible win. By and large, the 2020 U.S election has not exaggerated the outcomes of the stock market and predictions went as clean as a whistle.

So, there’s still hope and light at the end of the tunnel to ruminate about better international ties. As we all are in the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, investors tend to stay low but act vigilantly. Speaking of equity markets, Trump has cut-down the tax rates from 35 percent to 21 percent, which gave a significant push to the U.S market.

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In a typical case, UBS claims that corporate tax has mounted to 28 percent, which could decrease the S&P 500 profits by 8 percent. On the flip side, Biden also decided to push the wages higher to balance the weight in the system. Bullish or bearish – Considering only elections for the stock market tilt is an old traditional myth in which investors should come out.

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There is a general feeling that while US policies with respect to India may not see a big change despite a change of leadership in US, there is a sense that a more predictable leader is better geopolitically and for the global equity markets. “I think Biden is a much more predictable person and so the policies would be on expected lines and that should bring more stability.

It is important to note that on Tuesday when it looked that Donald Trump was ahead in the race to 270 then also the markets rose and on Wednesday and Thursday when it emerged that Biden had a higher chance of securing the presidency it again rose. “It was not about who wins but what mattered was an undeniable victory for either candidate.

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1 per cent over last three days, the banking index has jumped 7. 8 per cent and the IT index has risen by 3. 9 per cent. Many feel that Biden would be better for IT industry and professionals. In fact he had stated that once elected, he would lift the temporary suspension on H-1B visas.

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There is also a sense that Trump’s exit may also reduce the level of polarisation in the US society and get the country united, which is good for the world and markets.

With the upcoming presidential election just weeks away, many people are wondering how the stock market will be affected. Does it matter which candidate wins? If it does, how much and in what way? The short answer is no. It won’t matter. There could be some short-term fluctuations and volatility.

But why is this the case? Shouldn’t something as monumental and consequential as the presidential election affect stock market returns? And if not, how do you know what to do with your money? Of course, I’m not saying that elections don’t matter – far from it. Elections have monumental consequences both for our nation and the world at large, and I would never dispute that.

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Like I said previously, there may be some short-term volatility, but as the rest of the year and beyond unfolds, the current election will have minimal impact on your investments. On the surface, however, this doesn’t seem to make any sense. How could the President of the United States not affect the stock market in the long run? Isn’t this person running the whole economy? Again, the short answer is this: not really as much as you might think.

And these can matter more. But what about the common notion that the economy does better under the GOP because Republicans are pro-business and anti-tax? Surely, that must mean that the stock market will do better if the Republicans win this presidential election. Traditionally, many investors think that the stock market does better when the Republican party wins the presidential election.

He also shared this chart, which I love: As Matt says, we’ve seen a pretty mixed bag of stock market returns based on which party has a president in office. Republican Gerald Ford had the best result, with an excellent annualized return of around 20%. But the market didn’t do nearly as well under fellow republicans George W.

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Not even close. When it comes to the stock market and the presidential election in the short term, anything, as they say, is possible. We don’t even know whether there will be any more debates prior to Election Day on November 3. Here’s what we do know: In the long term, the stock market is the best place to keep your investments because it will earn you the highest returns at an acceptable level of risk.