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Published Jul 06, 21
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There were ~ 17k vets but, with their families, the group numbered ~ 43k. They camped out on the Mall and in Anacostia Flats across the Potomac River while Congress debated the matter. The House of Representatives passed a resolution authorizing the payments but the Senate blocked it, explaining that the government didn’t have a $2 billion surplus on hand (~$38 billion today).

Not entirely without merit, President Hoover saw the auto union as a communist front and sent in the 12th Infantry Division and 3rd Cavalry Regiment to backup Dearborn’s police. At the funeral, fellow employees sang the communist anthem Internationale. This happened in the United States. These events, along with the food lines and hobos, indicate that the country was in the midst of its deepest crisis since the Civil War.

Perhaps he was waiting for another Hoover to come along, the way he had after the Great War. However, charities and the private sector produced no such white knights and the problem’s scale far outstripped the resources of charities. With people going hungry and Ford workers singing “Internationale,” capitalism seemed on the brink – as close as it’s come to being fundamentally questioned in American history.

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For some unlucky Americans, it was just as good as stolen or burned after they’d entrusted it to banks connected to the broader market. Banking failures were at the heart of America’s worst depression, but it had multiple underlying causes: a recession (caused by income inequality, market saturation, and installment buying), weak agriculture (caused by drought and over-investment), the Stock Market Crash (fueled by on margin investing), and trade protectionism (Smoot-Hawley) all contributed to the perfect storm.

Andrew Mellon’s idea of just letting things run their course wasn’t going to cut it, regardless of its actual merit, however, we don’t have proof that the economy wouldn’t have turned around just as quickly by doing nothing. In a democracy, voters would never stand for doing nothing even if that would solve things faster than tinkering.

There are markets in everything. But why do they exist? What purpose do they serve? In the debate over high speed trading I think the purpose of markets has been lost in the shuffle. Once the purpose is defined, I think that regulators can do a better job drawing up the rules to play by.

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It’s the stock market. In the US, we think that they are traded at the NYSE and NASDAQ ($NYX, $NDAQ). Except, the price for all the stocks listed on these exchanges is really traded in dark pools and back offices. Exchanges do very little of the volume in listed stocks.

For example, the ETF $GLD tracks closely the future, $GC_F. Not every ETF works. There are plenty of examples where investors were burned by an ETF not tracking what the underlying market was doing. The next step in cash equities is the equity options market. Options are “derived” from the stock, so it’s often called a derivative marketplace.

The options market exists for two reasons. It allows investors in cash equity markets a place to hedge their risk of holding the security. It also gives companies another vehicle to pay employees without using cash. Just like every other market, there are active option traders that buy and sell and create liquidity.

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The volume is increasingly going into dark pools. Futures markets exist for one reason ($CME, $ICE). They are places to hedge commodity risk. If I am a farmer, I have a lot of risk. My crop production and the price I receive for it is totally out of my control.

If I am a manufacturer, I can use the futures market to hedge my risk of buying commodities and turn the variable costs of material into a fixed cost of production. That makes manufacturer’s more profitable. Just like all other markets, there are liquidity providers that buy and sell. They provide liquidity.

That market exists to allow market participants a cheaper and better way to fine tune their management of risk. Options markets at futures exchanges are the next big driver of volume growth. Futures markets don’t trade off exchange like stock and option markets do. The price discovery is actually on a regulated exchange.

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However, there are derivatives of futures. They call it the over the counter derivatives market(OTC). This is where Buffett’s “weapons of mass destruction” are traded. These are relatively unregulated. In trader terms, the OTC market is the wild west. It’s where exotic trades customized for one market participant can be executed.

AIG credit derivatives were created and traded here. But, the OTC market is neither bad or good. It’s just a market. If it’s used correctly for the purpose it’s designed for, it’s a great place to micro manage risks that can’t be managed anywhere else. Used improperly, it blows up.

This is why regulators want to force regulation into this space. That’s a primer on the major market sectors of the economy. Tomorrow, how we regulate them and why. follow me on TwitterLike Pn, F on Facebook Thanks for the link The Reformed Broker.

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A stock market is a public market where people can buy and sell shares on the stock exchange. The stocks, also known as equities, represent ownership in the company. Stock markets have existed for centuries. The oldest stock exchange was started in Belgium back in 1531. The brokers and moneylenders used to meet there to deal with the businesses.

It also enables the government to increase spending through the tax revenue they earn from corporations that trade on the stock exchange. The government uses the revenue to increase re-investment and employment capacity. The stock market plays an important role in the economy of a country in terms of spending and investment.

Alongside this, it has helped individuals become wealthy and increases the overall standard of living in many economies. Following are some of the most important functions of a stock market in the economy: If stock markets did not exist, companies would have to resort to borrowing from the bank to raise money for expansion.

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Fortunately, with stock markets, businesses have the ability to create an initial public offering and raise large amounts of cash without having to worry about repayment. Moreover, publicly traded companies have no obligation to pay dividends when they incur losses. Capital raised this way can help companies expand operations and create jobs in the economy.

One of the most important benefits of the stock market is its ability to help generate personal wealth in the economy. For the individual investor, the stock market provides a way to invest your income to earn a share of the companies’ profits. The revenue they earn can increase spending in the economy that can have a multiplier effect.

One of the key drivers of Gross Domestic Product is the level of investment in the economy. Governments often create fiscal and monetary policies in the economy to promote greater investment. The stock market is considered to be one of the most prominent sources for people to invest money in.

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If the stock market is performing well, this not only increases investment from local investors but also attracts foreign direct investment as people abroad invest in the local stock exchange. For example, people in India can invest in the NYSE which helps increase GDP of the US economy or vice-versa.

This often depends on speculators and perceptions of investors in the market. A rise or fall in the price of shares represents what cycle the economy is in such as a recession or a boom. There is a symbiotic relationship between the state of the economy and the performance of the stock market.

The stock market serves as a barometer for the economy. Also read: All members of society are affected by the stock market performance regardless of whether or not they invest in stocks. People with pension funds and retirement accounts are impacted by low stock prices as the value of their accounts is tied to the stock market.

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Furthermore, when a company’s share price goes down, it affects job security as firms cut back on spending and many people could end up losing their jobs. The stock market also impacts the rate of taxes and interest rates set by the government. During the Great Depression, the US government lowered taxes to induce borrowing but once the economy was out of depression, the government increased interest rates to encourage investment.

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Much of the world's business activity would be impossible without stocks and bonds. Stocks and bonds are certificates that are sold to raise money for starting a new company or for expanding an existing company. Stocks and bonds are also called securities, and people who buy them are called investors.

A person who buys stock in a company becomes one of the company's owners. As an owner, the stockholder is eligible to receive a dividend, or share of the company's profits. The amount of this dividend may change from year to year depending on the company's performance. Well-established companies try to pay stockholders as high a dividend as possible.

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Owners of common stock may vote for company directors and attend annual stockholders' meetings. At these meetings they have the chance to review the company's yearly performance and its future plans, and to present their own ideas. Owners of preferred stock do not usually have voting rights or the right to attend stockholders' meetings.

The dividends on preferred stocks are paid according to a set rate, while the dividends on common stocks fluctuate according to the company's performance. If the company does well, however, preferred stocks do not usually gain in value as much as common stocks. If a company goes out of business, preferred stockholders are paid off first.

A person who buys a bond is not buying ownership in a company but is lending the company money. The bond is the company's promise to repay that money at the end of a certain time, such as ten, fifteen, or twenty years. In return for lending the company money, the bondholder is paid interest at regular intervals.

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The trading of goods began in the earliest civilizations. Early merchants combined their money to outfit ships and caravans to take goods to faraway countries. Some of these merchants organized into trading groups. For thousands of years, trade was conducted either by these groups or by individual traders. During the Middle Ages, merchants began to gather at annual town fairs where goods from many countries were displayed and traded.

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With merchants from many countries trading at these fairs, it became necessary to establish a money exchange, or bourse, to handle financial transactions. (Bourse is a French word meaning "purse.") One important annual fair took place in the city of Antwerp, in present-day Belgium. By the end of the 1400's, this city had become a center for international trade.

Many merchants speculated—that is, they bought goods for certain prices and hoped that the prices would rise later so they could make profits when they sold the goods. Wealthy merchants or moneylenders also lent money at high rates of interest to people who needed to borrow it. They then sold bonds backed by these loans and paid interest to the people who bought them.

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In 1602, the Dutch East India Company was formed there. This company, which was made up of merchants competing for trade in Asia, was given power to take full control of the spice trade. To raise money, the company sold shares of stock and paid dividends on them. In 1611 the Amsterdam Stock Exchange was set up, and trading in Dutch East India Company shares was the main activity there for many years.