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Published Jul 28, 21
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What form it will take is more difficult to say. “If the whole of the market is dominated by speculators with outsized expectations, it seems likely that deflation in the obviously speculative tier will take the overall market with it. If those speculators are coexisting with investors who recognize the implications of high valuations on potential returns, the losses may be more contained to the highest fliers.

The tiebreaker has been the massive amount of cash sloshing around and the T.I.N.A. (there is no alternative) argument. … “For now, the path of least resistance is higher, but as economic and earnings growth peak (about now), the market will likely enter a period of choppiness and become directionless.

That said, bubbles can persist longer and go further than any sceptic might expect. “The U.S. market is priced at a high multiple compared to history, but I wouldn’t label it a bubble, yet. Relative to the negative real yield on 10-year TIPS, the U.S. stock market may provide a respectable excess return of 3% or so.

The markets could be saying things that just don’t look very risky, but value stocks are trading at about their historical P/Es. That means with interest rates at zero, their risk premiums are much larger than they’ve been historically.

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Listen to the latest . Could the economy slow faster than expected? Some investors have begun to worry that the spread of the COVID-19 delta variant and the drying up of fiscal and monetary stimulus could put the brakes on economic growth. Although the growth rate may slow, U.S. economic growth remains high on level terms, and in our view that is likely to continue.

stocks exemplify the importance of holding a diversified portfolio to help reduce overall portfolio volatility. Amid the rapid spread of the COVID-19 delta variant and a significant easing in both monetary and fiscal stimulus, investors have begun to worry about a faster-than-expected economic slowdown. As we have pointed out before, the second quarter likely will mark the peak for the growth rate in several key metrics—most notably, earnings and gross domestic product (GDP)—but that doesn’t mean peak growth in level terms.

An increase in prices has put upward pressure on overall inflation metrics, but many areas (such as used-car and commodity prices) have cooled, signaling a possible light at the end of the tunnel in terms of pricing stress. Growth rates peaking in the near term doesn’t suggest that the economic backdrop will sour quickly.

As shown below, the new-orders components within the Institute for Supply Management (ISM)’s manufacturing and services indices are still very elevated and comfortably above 50 (the level that separates expansion from contraction). Source: Charles Schwab, Bloomberg, as of 6/30/2021. The employment components contracted in June, which bears watching. However, the weakness is likely tied to several factors affecting the labor market, including some workers’ virus-related fears of returning to the workplace and their lack of child care.

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Additionally, shifts in leadership among sectors remain swift and large; and with economic momentum likely slowing from here, we continue to encourage diversification among sectors and periodic rebalancing. Concerns of a resurgence of the coronavirus have been building over the past month and are being reflected in markets’ performance. While the global economy and corporate earnings look strong—even prompting the Federal Reserve to “think about thinking about” tapering economic stimulus in the U.S.—the spread of the delta COVID-19 variant and its potential to cause an economic slowdown has quickly become the biggest issue facing investors.

Leading on the downside have been travel, retail, and leisure stocks, industries that could suffer the most from a delayed economic reopening. Should the highly transmissible delta variant continue to spread, global health experts are warning that indoor mask mandates and other public health measures may make a return this fall.

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But longer term, vaccines are proving effective against the more severe effects of the delta variant, as you can see in the chart below. In the U.K., despite a rise in delta variant cases, we have not seen a comparable rise in deaths. This pattern has been attributed to high vaccination rates in the U.K.

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While we agree with that assessment longer term, we believe yields are now too low relative to the economic outlook and are likely to rebound later this year. The rate of change in the economic indicators has cooled, although overall levels of activity are still strong. Retail sales, consumer sentiment, and housing activity have declined from high levels, while commodity prices have fallen, and the dollar has firmed up—all signs suggesting the factors pushing up inflation are set to ease.

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The 5yr/5yr forward breakeven rate, a measure of inflation expectations, peaked in early May at about 2. 4% and has since fallen back toward 2%. Note: This is the 5-year, 5-year USD inflation swap rate. This rate is a common measure, which is used by central banks and dealers, to look at the market's future inflation expectations.

The pace of economic growth and inflation are likely to ease in the second half of the year, but are starting from very high levels and will likely stay above the trends seen in the past decade. Moreover, real yields (those adjusted for inflation) are steeply negative and are unlikely to be sustained if the economy continues to make progress.

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