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Published Sep 28, 21
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If several same price orders are placed, they cannot be moved in the depth of market. Deleting Orders To delete an order from the depth of market, hover the mouse cursor over (or ) to the right and click Shift. The button will change its view to . Click the button to delete the order.

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Time & Sales and Tick Chart # Time and sales and a tick chart of exchange instruments with real transaction prices is displayed in the Depth of Market. Time & Sales The Time & Sales feature provides the price and time of every trade executed on the exchange. Information on every trade includes the time when the trade was executed, its direction (buying or selling), as well as the price and volume of the trade.

Trade volumes are additionally displayed in a histogram. How Time & Sales can help you understand the market The Time & Sales feature provides tools for a more detailed market analysis. The trade direction suggests who has initiated the trade: the buyer or the seller. The volume of trades allows traders to understand the behavior of market participants: whether the trades are performed by large or small market players, as well as estimate the activity of the players.

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Trades will be filtered, and the current filter value will appear in the volume column header. You can also specify the minimum volume using the Time & Sales context menu. Tick Chart All transactions conducted on the Exchange are plotted on this chart: Red circles show Sell transactions. Blue circles show Buy transactions, Green circles appear when the direction of the transaction is undefined.

In this case, the direction is determined based on the price of the transaction as compared to prices bid and ask. A Buy transaction is that executed at the ask price or above, a Sell transaction is executed at the bid price or lower. The direction is undefined if the price of the transaction is between the bid and the ask.

Transaction volumes are also shown as a histogram below the tick chart. Using the "Synchronize" command in the context menu, you can control the display of deals charts (circles and histogram): In the synchronous mode, the deals chart is tied to the tick chart and they both have the same time scale.

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At the top and bottom of the histogram, the total volumes of the current Buy and Sell offers are shown. The vertical scale of the tick chart is the Market Depth (i. e. its levels). Price change ranges which are not available in market depth are displayed as straight lines on the tick chart.

Toolbar # To customize the appearance of the depth of market, use the toolbar at the top of the window: — show/hide the tick chart. — show/hide Time & Sales. — binding the Market Depth to an active chart. Every time you switch to a chart of a financial instrument, the same instrument will be automatically enabled in the Market Depth window.

Most of these commands are also available in the context menu of the Market Depth and Time & Sales windows. The context menu of the scalping Depth of Market (for non-exchange instruments) also allows switching between the volume in lots and units.

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Let's briefly understand what the bid-ask spread is. Buyer bid Karta hai aur seller ask karta hai. If you want to buy a particular stock, you will place a bid in the market. The platform that you are using to buy stocks will execute the trade if the price for the asset reaches the price you entered, or goes lower.

The platform you’re using will clear your position and sell the stock if a bid price comes that matches your asking price. The platform will also execute the trade if the bid price is higher than the asking price, since no trader in the world will mind making bigger profits.

You may remember that we said the more liquid a stock is, the more market depth it will have. Therefore, market depth and the bid-ask spread are inversely correlated. Jitna market depth jyada hoga, utna hi bid-ask spread kam hoga. On the other hand, jitna market depth kam hoga, utna bid-ask spread jyada hoga.

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Market depth is more of use to short term traders than long term traders. Agar aap intraday trader hai, to aapko bilkul market depth dekhna chahie. Par agar aap value investor hai, and if you plan to stay invested in that stock for years to come, then the current relationship between the demand and supply of the stock is not that relevant.