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Published Aug 16, 21
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Type of ownership of shares to non-Thai's. As a non-Thai national, always recommends to own either, the NVDR (R) or as a second alternative the (F) shares. Again, as a non-Thai you can own either the foreign shares (F), local shares (L) or, so called NVDR's (R). You must not own the Local (L) shares.

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Simply ask: Are there any (F) shares still available on this particular stock?". The broker will check and reply yes or no. The broker is simply checking if the pre-determined foreign ownership limit on this particular stock is maxed out. While foreign institutions are restricted to buying and selling only the foreign shares; foreign individual investors on the other hand can chose either.

But some caution is advised. Converting NVDR (R) to Foreign shares. Most investors do not chose this option. Once you have confirmation on the purchase of your NVDR (R) shares, (if you chose) instruct your broker to convert these to (F) shares right away; again, this can only be done as long as the foreign limit has not been reached.

Currently many good shares in Thailand are available for (F) registration, as the stock market has been more stable but lower as compared to earlier this year 2015. (F) shares can always be sold on the local board (L) so there is never a risk at all in converting your Thai stocks into (F) shares or back.

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Foreign shares are best owned by foreign (non-Thai) long term investors, not traders. Foreign shares voting right is the only advantage as NVDR (R) shares receive all shareholder benefits, stock or cash dividends, free warrants or other sweetners. As the SET market heats up again at some point the foreign limit on popular Thai shares can get maxed out.

In past bull markets foreign institutions paid at times hefty premiums for Thai (F) shares. Less so now as the case due to desirable alternative in foreigners owing the NVDR shares; as these do deliver all shareholder benefits - except the right to vote. For non-Thai investors, Thaistocks. com views to register Thai shares you hold for investment into your own foreign (F) name or if not, then only hold the NVDR (R)shares.

e. non-nvdr shares -as they would miss out on shareholder benefits. There is some inconvenience in holding the (F) shares. Buy/sell usually needs paper signed plus a copy of your passport, every time. Again, foreign investors who don't care about voting rights and want the least inconvenience should only buy / sell the NVDR shares (R).

Individuals have many other potential advantages when investing on the SET . Thai brokers research is usually on less then say 75 stocks, of the more than 500 companies listed. The potential exists for the discovery of finding real "jewels" -totally uncovered by local or international brokers. Thaistocks. com mission has been to find & check on these and point them out to our members as the long record shows.

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Many forums on international shares trading have, over recent years, encouraged new and experienced investors alike to move more towards Asian markets. This is especially important amongst Australian investors, whose portfolios are generally reeling from a strong home country bias. Asian stocks tend to be younger and thus more vibrant as compared to their more mature counterparts, such as the American market.

However, in recent years the tech manufacturing industry has really gained traction in the South-East Asian country. The export of high-tech units, including automotive engines and integrated circuits, has become a major booster of the country’s economy. The above and much more makes Thailand an ideal destination for investors looking for a budding financial market to buy into.

Airports of Thailand may also be a buy worth your consideration, if you are interested in the tourism sector. Trade with discipline After understanding the market that you are looking to trade in, it is of paramount importance that you set out a solid trading plan that dictates what you wish to trade in, your entry points, your exit points and even how much you are willing to risk on a trade.

With some trading platforms one is obliged to convert their earnings to Australian dollars as soon as they hit their account. However, using a platform that allows for you to hold the earnings in Thai bahts for future investments will help you avoid losses due to the fluctuating exchange rate.

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Keeping the above in mind will ensure that you start your Thai investment journey on the right foot and with minimal hiccups.