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Published Sep 15, 21
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These are events that no one, including the privileged few, could have predicted. The Bottom Line The stock market is technically not rigged against the average investor. Laws and governing bodies exist to level the playing field for everyday investors. The role of the Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors and maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets.

The decision may not have been difficult from a moral perspective, however Katsuyama admits there were some things that were difficult to walk away from. RBC was the only place he had worked, starting right after graduating from Laurier. Some of his best friends were at the company, as were several people he considered mentors, not to mention the stable and lucrative paycheque.

After several discussions with his family, friends and colleagues, Katsuyama left RBC in 2012 and started his own stock market, called IEX. He took a small part of the team that had developed THOR with him. IEX, which had its first day of trading in October 2013, was founded on a simple principle: fairness.

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“The big misperception out there right now is that the race is between the high-frequency traders and other investors, but the real race is between high-frequency traders and the markets themselves,” says Katsuyama. He says that stock exchanges are supposed to act as referees, ensuring fair trading environments for all parties involved.

“We’re fast, but we’re not as fast as high-frequency traders. So to make sure they can’t trade on IEX using information we don’t have, one thing we did was push them very, very far away,” says Katsuyama. “The magic shoebox synthetically creates distance, and we’ve also pushed everyone to a different building.” Katsuyama believes IEX is returning to the true principles of the stock market and taking steps towards repairing the negative perception most people have about Wall Street.

“Would I say that the markets are completely warm and fuzzy? Probably not,” Shkilko says. “But are they as bad and as rigged as Lewis says? No. No one has been able to prove that high-frequency traders are systematically doing the nefarious kind of front running that Lewis’ book describes.” Shkilko concedes that some of the activity relating to HFT is “not good,” but he doesn’t believe there is enough evidence to conclude the markets are rigged.

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In the old days, these specialists were humans in the middle of the trading floor. Today the role is filled by HFT computers. However, in Katsuyama’s experience, intermediaries have much more of an influence than simply providing liquidity. “Technology in many ways should have eliminated the need to have someone standing in the middle, but it hasn’t,” he says.

The fact that it’s been happening for centuries — someone standing in the middle and scalping money off of someone else — is not a proper excuse to ignore the problem as it exists today.” Katsuyama believes a big reason why the argument over HFT has become so contentious is because the debate is still unfolding — Flash Boys was released right in the thick of the debate over the practice.

“I think the principle of it strikes at the heart of why society has such a big issue with Wall Street,” he says. “Who’s looking out for people when they’re not paying attention?” While Katsuyama does his best to avoid reading his own press, he has a straightforward response to his critics.

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“I’ve yet to see anything that says ‘Brad Katsuyama said this, and this is why it’s not true, and here’s the truth.’ If I was going out there with a bunch of skeletons in the closet and I didn’t want to be asked certain questions, I would be acting in a very different manner.” What Katsuyama is most proud of these days is staying true to himself.

“I’m really, really lucky in so many different ways — with the friends and family that I have, that I’m married to the wife that I have, that I was at RBC and I was in the right situation. Luck had a huge role in me being in this position and I feel luckier now than I’ve ever felt in my career.” .

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And some pay extra for access to more information on who wants to buy and sell, more quickly, than would be available to you if you were sitting down at your home computer looking to buy or sell Apple Computer through a discount brokerage account. All of this is perfectly legal, but Lewis points out that it is also shady.