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Published Sep 14, 21
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And America’s investor underdogs might already have lost the war as the stock price ticks down. This populist revolt could reveal itself to be a disastrous bubble that offers and then quickly extinguishes the idyllic dream of democratized finance. Breaking down the Game, Stop saga into these four components—the company, the short, the Reddit army, and the ensuing FOMO mania—is useful because this helps us disentangle the parts of the story that are surprisingly traditional from the parts that are actually surprising.“The longer you’ve been around, the more you realize that something like this is less a massive break in the functioning of markets and more a reflection of risks that were always there,” says Michael Cembalest, the chairman of market and investment strategy at JP Morgan Asset Management.

So have short squeezes. And in this case, the hedge funds betting against Game, Stop might have received just deserts for a really dumb bet. As a matter of practice, the best strategy for short sellers is typically to identify ostensibly good companies with an Achilles’ heel. You take a position when the firm’s stock is high.

But Game, Stop for the past year has been the opposite of all that. It was a bad company, whose stock had already fallen from $56 a share in 2013 to about $5 in 2019. Game, Stop’s short sellers were essentially betting that a company publicly valued as “horrendous” should really be valued at a level commensurate with the notion of “truly horrendous.” They risked billions of dollars on the financial equivalent of a qualifying adverb.

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Plus, companies in Game, Stop’s situation can always try to restructure their operations, or appeal to a white knight, or exit the business and sell off their commercial real estate, or do something else when the cost of capital is basically zilch. What’s new here is the presence of Reddit and Robinhood.

For a week, takes have flown wildly around the internet that tried to capture this saga in a tweet. The investor and former Trump White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci compared what we’re seeing now to the “French Revolution of finance,” with an army of scrappy traders engaged in a moral uprising.

Given that online trading has been restricted and the company’s stock is now in a free fall, both the Mooch and the Debbie Downers might be right. When the French Revolution ended, some of its most eager proponents lost more than an arm and a leg..

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I for one, am not for speculative trading much. However, in the midst of house arrest, or quarantine, I decided to have a little fun for once in my life. The bulk of my portfolio is decently diversified and I held around 1% of my portfolio in lottery tickets, like Tesla, Delta, Southwest, oh and AMC.

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Oh, how naive I was. Little did I know, that on January 27th, I would be so right and so wrong at the same damn time. I woke up in the middle of a hurricane of virality. I watched my little tiny little investment of $21 rise to more than a $100 gain, all before market-open.

These stocks within the list also happen to be beloved staples from many of our adolescent days, ie. Game, Stop, $AMC, Nokia, Blackberry, and more. The mastermind behind r/Wall, Street, Bets and the large community that follows armed together to short squeeze this hedge fund’s bets. Met with this animosity, have been other notable figures in the world of trading like Dave Portnoy, who actually has encouraged even his own community to join in who adapted this narrative to take what is owed to “the little guy.” This fuel to the fire, , only made the movement more personal, rather than purely financial related.

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In short (no pun intended), short squeezing means traders who attempted to profit off the decline in a stock’s price have been met with an equally large or larger position in the opposite direction to squeeze the short buyers position and force them to buy the shares back at an even higher price.

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Though many are full of FOMO and regret, the diamond hands are rejoicing today as their heavy bags quickly become gains once again. Where will Game, Stop go? To the moon or to its grave? Whatever the hell is happening, it sure is exciting to watch this wild ride. We've collected a bunch of Twitter reactions to the meme stock chaos today.

hates it. loves it. kind of, sort of likes it; but she definitely doesn’t want any of it. is obsessed with it. wants to copy it (what else is new). and could potentially make a small fortune on it, as have some of the world’s nerdiest nerds. There are economists who predict it’s going to be worth $1 million one day, while others say that it will be worthless any day now.

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It may be that we shop on Amazon with Amazoncoins, or buy a house with some form of digital assets—no one knows, yet—but what’s happening right now with the frenzy around buying crypto assets is largely a result of pandemic-era boredom, where people with expendable income (or gambling problems) have little else to spend their money on, and too much time to see that they might be missing out on a get-rich-quick scheme—PFOMO, pandemic-era fear of missing out? Add in a little Game, Stop-Reddit-style investing with crypto apps, like Coinbase, and voilà, you’ve got the frenzy currently taking place with Bitcoin and its ilk—though, let’s be honest here, crypto is a point of privilege in the midst of a global pandemic with rampant job loss and mile-long lines at foodbacks.

Now, crypto is going in the opposite direction, with the collective market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies being traded in the world today being worth over $1 trillion. But there’s also real fear of a crypto bubble that could go pop at any moment. “It feels so frothy right now,” an investor told me recently.

Now, the hot new thing is NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which are essentially digital art projects that can generally only be purchased with cryptocurrencies, and that can’t be hung on your wall, given that they live on the internet. The hot commodities in this space are things like “NBA Top Shot,” which are like cryptocurrency trading cards merging into a form of digital art slash collectibles (don’t try and make sense of it, trust me), some of which are worth $250,000 each, or one in a series of 10,000 unique pixelated characters, called Crypto, Punks, that are currently selling for between $35,000 a piece, to a laughable few that are hoping to fetch more than a billion dollars.

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It’s a beautiful and terrifying thing. Ironically, if Mudrick had waited one more day, the firm would have made hundreds of millions of dollars more. Have you seen Avengers: Endgame? YESNOCapitalizing on the movement, AMC sold even more stock to those same hungry retail investors just two days later. Now there's a question about whether or not AMC will start to run low on available shares to sell.

The question is will that happen? While Game, Stop’s financial rollercoaster was more in line with people buying and dumping shares because they wanted to participate in the “meme stock,” AMC’s buyers seem more convinced that AMC is going to have a massive resurgence. They seem to believe, as reports in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have pointed out, that AMC can become a giant once again.

Was AMC a stable business before the pandemic? Are AMC’s biggest threats — streaming — still present? Look, it’s a complicated issue that the best minds in finance and entertainment are trying to understand. We’re not going to figure out if it’s a “good” or a “bad” buy by the end of this column, but we are going to understand AMC’s foundation a little more.

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At all. I like theaters — a lot. That said, there are some metrics that are impossible to ignore. Theater attendance per capita hit the lowest point in nearly 100 years, as Bloomberg reported in 2019. Theatergoers actually went to the movies on average about three-and-a-half times in 2019, the article added.