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Published Sep 07, 21
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What's The Best Red Day Stock Market Brand

If you are a newbie, then you can open Free Upstox account from this special link. So that, you wouldn’t need to learn the information for starting intraday trading. You would find various options on your trading platform that you need to explore. Depending on your stock broker, the trading platform might have different features.

#2. Sensex and Nifty Tickers The stock markets (BSE & NSE) tickers help you gauge the broad market movements while you trade individual stocks and other indexes. The ticker prices reflect the overall market sentiments and are a good indicator to gauge the direction of the market. This is important because generally with falling markets most of the stock prices will also fall and vice versa.

Creating Watchlist Watchlist gives you a quick glance at the prices of your favorite stocks in one place. You can add all the shares to the watchlist that you intend to track. Click the “+” button to open the search bar, then you can type the name of the stock and add it to the watch list.

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When you add CIPLA to the watchlist you can instantly view the price charts. #4. Order Book The order book will contain details of all the orders that you have placed during the trading hours. The book will also tell you the status of your orders whether they have been executed or failed.

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Position Book The position book reflects all your outstanding trade positions and the mark-to-market (MTM) position of the open trades. MTM is the unrealized profit or loss status of your trade with respect to the current market price of the stock. For example, if you have purchased ITC shares at Rs.

182 then you have a positive MTM of Rs. 2 per share. Whereas, if the stock price is Rs. 177 then you have a negative MTM of Rs. 3 per share. #6. Holdings Book The holdings will show only the delivery shares that you have purchased for the long term.

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You can select the order type to be a market order or as a limit order. The market order gets executed immediately whereas you need to wait for the price to hit your specific level for the limit order to get executed. The order position type is where you can define the order to be a delivery order or an intraday order.

Ideally, you should exit them before 3:20 pm so that you do not miss any intraday order. Your broker might charge you for squaring off your pending intraday orders on your behalf. How to Start Intraday Stock Trading in India You are now ready for intraday trading. Below is the live example that will give you the confidence to place your trades.

Intraday trading starts with placing either a buy order when you predict that the prices will rise. So that you can sell the stock later at a higher price and earn profit from the trade. You can also start with a sell order when you predict that the price is going to fall so that you can buy the shares later at a lower price and close the trade profitably.

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I need to select a simple order with the order type as the market and need to indicate the position as intraday before I click the sell button at the bottom. On doing so you will get a “Sell order confirmation” page as below. Check the order details once again before clicking the sell button.

Likewise, you can enter an intraday buy order. I am showing just the example below. It has nothing to do with the previous order. Let us continue with our previous intraday ICICI. After the order has been placed you can check the order status after some time in the order book.

Our ICICI shares got sold at Rs. 334. 70 per share. The price can be confirmed by right scrolling the order book. The order book shows the status as complete which means you have successfully sold 10 shares of ICICI bank intraday. You can wait till the share price comes down to your levels after which you need to close the trade and book profit.

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To square off the position you need to select the particular share and click the “square off” button. This will automatically place the buy market order to complete the intraday trade. New traders should remember that they have placed a buy market order which will take a few minutes to get executed.

Do not do the mistake of clicking the square off button once again. If you do that then the system will take it as a fresh buy order for that particular stock. It happened to me. I clicked twice and inadvertently purchased 20 more shares of ICICI bank unknowingly. Finally, I had to close all those buy positions with sell trades.

If there are any outstanding orders then the book with show some share quantity and not zero. Before you end your day do not forget to check the order book and the trade status. Finally, in the evening you will receive the “Intraday Profit Sheet” from your broker indicating the trade details and the charges collected.

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327. 45. So I made a profit of Rs. 7. 25 per share before the brokerage charges. That was a small intraday trade for 10 shares, but in actual trading, a single intraday trade happens for Lakhs of rupees. So you can imagine the quantum of profit people are making on every single trade.

Trading involves price bands on all stocks, any adverse movements above price bands results in a trading halt. However, no price bands are applicable to shares on which derivative products are available. Daily price bands of 2% (either way) Daily price bands of 5% (either way) Daily price bands of 10% (either way) Best Stock Trading App For Beginners in India Here are my top 3 recommended trading apps.

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The platform can be used as an investment challenge or as a learning tool. #2. Dalal Street Dalal Street virtual platform offers Rs. 10 Lacs of virtual money to experience the best way to trade and invest. The platform gives real-time trading simulation platform for stock trading. #3. Chart, Mantra Chart, Mantra is an online virtual game on stock market trading with the technical indicator to help gain more insights.

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Trade only in two or three liquid stocks of the company which you are well versed with. Look for market trends and follow the same while day trading. Have a strategy beforehand and do not confuse in trading and investing mindset. Keep emotions at bay. Do not take revenge trading by placing higher bets to recover the loss.

Remember to close all open positions before the close of market hours. Do not trade on rumors or when you are not confident. The article intends to help and educate a person start stock trading. Stock trading, equity trading in general, is a risky asset where wrong trades can wipe out entire capital.

If you want to learn long-term investing, then you can read – How to invest in stock market If you Loved reading this, Share with someone you care! .

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If the same participant sells 100 shares of ABC Ltd., it will be considered as another trade. This effectively means that by buying and selling 100 shares of ABC Ltd., the participant has completed two trades. :Participants MUST restrict their trading turnover to less than or equal to ` 3 crore.

This includes shares bought and sold on the same day, or shares sold on the current day which were purchased on some other trading day. :One error in terms of higher turnover from participants will be allowed. However, the maximum excess turnover should NOT be more than ` 50 lakh.

3. 5 crore on any day of the contest. It will be considered as a one-time deviation and the participant will not be disqualified. In the event that a participant exceeds the turnover of ` 3. 5 crore, he/she will be disqualified from the contest, even if it is for the first time.