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Published Aug 28, 21
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So, if your brokerage charges a $9. 99 commission, this amount can be added to your original cost if you want a precise unrealized gain/loss calculation to estimate taxes. Also, some brokerages can help provide that info for you. To check out what brokerages may offer, visit our broker center.

You only have to pay capital gains taxes on realized gains, so by calculating your unrealized gains, it can give you an idea of how much you could have to pay in taxes should you choose to sell. Similarly, many people use losses on investments to offset capital gains or other taxable income through a strategy known as tax-loss harvesting.

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Loss in the Stock Market All investors incur a loss in the stock market. The objective of an equity investment is to gain on the net basis after adjusting the loss in the stock market. A common perception is that investor who is earning from the stock market does not incur any loss in the stock market.

It implies that he must have earned Rs 150 and hypothetically his loss in the stock market must be Rs 50. This explanation was not a rocket science, but my objective is to explain that you cannot avoid a loss in the stock market. The end objective should be to cut loss in the stock market.

The answer is very simple either increase the gains or reduce the loss in the stock market. It’s a big dilemma to maintain a fine balance between gain vs loss in the equity investment. The reason being, it is linked to associated Risk. High Risk means more gains but at the same time more loss.

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Let’s check out, how you can minimize your losses Stop loss is one of the most effective ways to cut down your loss in the stock market. You must have observed that all the analysts mention stop loss along with their stock recommendations. Many readers asked me how to calculate stop loss.

Though there are technical tools available to calculate STOP LOSS but nothing replace human mind. I normally keep a stop loss of 5% lower than the purchase price to control loss in the stop market. For strong stocks, i keep the stock loss of 10%. At the same time, for riskier stocks the stop loss should be 3% as they are swing trades.

You may adjust trailing stop loss when you are sitting on a profit in the range of 30%-50% to take more risk. It is imp to enter at right price point. Though no one can time the market but still you can make a fair judgment. A golden rule is that never buy when the stock is in strong momentum.

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Trust me, each and every stock stabilizes after such out of the blue rallies. It is imp to know the reason for a rally. If you know the reason then participate else enjoy as a reserve player. Let the market stabilize before you enter. If you are a trader then check the momentum indicators and join the bandwagon.

By entering at a right price point, you can cut your loss in the stock market. As i mentioned in my post, Book Profits in Stock Market that you should also exit at a right time. It will help to cut the notional loss in the stock market and increase your profits.

Always keep in mind the law of gravity that whatever goes up will definitely come down. Buy on FALLS and Sell on RISE. Though timing will not be 100% perfect but that is the mantra to survive in the stock market. Always look out for sell signals in the stock.

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Never ever average out a falling stock. I committed this mistake in 2008 and incurred heavy losses. I bought Reliance Communication at 800 and averaged till Rs 500. Thank god, i sold at Rs 500 else today it is trading at around Rs 70. Always remember that you don’t know the bottom of the stock.

We love our stock so much that we think the price at which we are buying is bottom price. You should decide your lot size which should be 1/20th of your investment. Invest and then wait for it to increase. If stop loss is triggered then sell and exit. I only average out stocks when they are increasing in value at milestones like 5% profit, 10% profit etc.

Among all the stocks discussed in this post, currently i don’t have a position in any of these stocks. The objective of this post is only to create an educating investors about the Subject matter. The views and opinion expressed on this website are my personal views and is .

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I am not responsible for any loss or implications arising out of any decision taken by the readers after reading my post.

Stock profit/loss calculations are the key to know the actual value of returns on your investments. Investment returns can be expressed by subtracting the total buying cost from the total selling price, but there is a lot more to it than that. Let's take a deeper look into the profit/loss calculations.

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It is important to make considered and subjective decisions when buying and seeling your stock. You should not be rushing to sell for profits or getting disheartened and withdrawing your investments when the market takes a hit. There is always a chance that an investment can make more profits or it can become profitable after a major drop.

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Diversifying your investments is also very important, as they say, 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket'. Invest in a variety of stocks, but be aware that overdoing it can hurt your portfolio as well. The most important thing is to keep evaluating your portfolio regularly. Stocks that are stagnant for a long time should be sold in order to free up the money for other opportunities.

To help such investors we have designed this stock profit/loss calculator that gives you accurate results in seconds. Using this calculator is quite easy, you are required to enter the following value:Number of shares: Enter the total number of equity shares that you have purchased. Purchase price: Input the price per unit that you have paid at the time of purchase.

Buy commission: The total commission amount that you have paid at the time of purchase, this can be either a percentage or amount. Sell commission: The total commission amount that was charged to you or deducted from the returns, at the time of sale, this can be either a percentage or amount.

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On the basis of your inputs against above components, the calculator will provide you with the following results:Net Buy price: This is the price after the deduction of purchase commission. Net selling price: This is the value of sale after the deduction of commission that you have paid for selling the shares.

Profit / Loss: This is the actual value of the profit or loss that you have made on a particular investment. Return on Investment: This is the total profit/loss or return on your investments reflecting in a percentage figure. The stock profit/loss calculator created by i, Calculator will assist you in determining the actual value of the returns on your stock investments.

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Commission payment: The calculator eases the complexity of the calculation by providing you with the option of factoring in the values of commission in percentage or amount. Future decisions: The obtained results can help you decide if it is favorable for you to invest in the same stock option again or you should look for other, more profitable stocks.

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For example, comparing the costs of the commissions of your agency with other agencies in the market holding onto a stock until it becomes subject to a lower tax brackets. Finance Calculators, You may also find the following Finance calculators useful..