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Published Oct 13, 21
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On the other hand, if the premium is low or negative, fewer investors will apply for the IPO.Definition of IPO – Grey Market, An IPO -Grey market is an OTC (Over – the – Counter market), where IPO applications and stocks are bought and sold, even before they are available to trade on stock exchange.

Trading in the IPO grey market include following details:1. Buying and selling IPO shares before they are listed on stock exchanges and,2. Buying and selling certain IPO application at a premium. Trading in the grey market generally conducted within a small group of trusted people. In this market official regulation is not involved.

e. premium and kostak, which we will discus in detail in this blog. Meaning of Grey Market Premium, The grey market premium(GMP) is an over the counter market or unofficial market. Here the new shares or the shares of the company bringing the IPO are bought and sold even before their listing on any of the exchange.

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Furthermore, the premium can be negative and positive depending on the demand and supply of shares. Let us take an example to understand the concept of the grey market premium for smart investors. Example of GMPHere, we will take two different situations.• Suppose the issue price of Reliance Nippon is Rs.

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GMP of Reliance Nippon is Rs. 50. In the given situation, the premium is positive. Because of positive premium, the buyers are ready to purchase the shares of Reliance Nippon at Rs. 250 + Rs. 50 = Rs. 300• Suppose, in this situation the GMP of Reliance Nippon is Rs.

The issue price is Rs. 250. Since the GMP here is negative, it means that the sellers are ready to sell the shares at a discount of Rs. 20 i. e. Rs. 250 – Rs. 20 = Rs. 230The changes in the premium price keep on happening. Until the shares are listed for trading on the exchange, action in GMP price continues.

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Meanwhile, apart from the grey market premium, there is another concept that is very popular for IPOs. It is Kostak. Let us understand what does Kostak means. Meaning of Kostak, Kostak is the price of the IPO application in the grey market. The Kostak rates vary for different IPOs. To put it another way, Kostak Rate is the premium price a seller gets by selling his IPO application to someone else even before the allotment or listing of the issue.

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More Detail About: KostakConclusion, You must realize that trading in the Grey market is an illegal activity. All transactions are done with the use of black-money. Before you involve in such kind of activity, make sure that you are aware of all legal rules and regulations. About us, A smart investor always looks for opportunities to invest his money.

In the stock market, the saying, “Knowledge is Wealth” holds very true. Therefore, visit our blogs and articles to enhance not only your knowledge but your wealth as well..

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Gray MarketTrade using unofficial and unregulated, but still legal, means. In securities, a gray market typically refers to trade in bonds or stocks not yet issued. These sales are contingent upon the issuance actually taking place, and are sometimes considered benchmarks for how successful the issuance will be. Another example of a gray market is the pharmaceuticals industry, in which buyers in different countries sometimes pay very different amounts.

Because the resellers' cost is less they can sell Grey Market items for less.; because service and support is more difficult to obtain it may end up costing the consumer more in the long run. One of the first indicators that a piece of merchandise might be Grey Market is if the price is considerably less than most other resellers.

This means you can knowing that if something goes wrong, you can , or to any of the ..

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You must have seen fluctuating prices denoted in red and green on your trading terminal. But what if I tell you the colour also holds a huge significance in the stock markets. It is associated with Initial Public Offers (IPO). Specifically, Let’s understand what is grey market IPO, how it works and more.

Here goods are sold outside the official distribution channels. If you have ever bought a branded camera or a watch for a fairly less price than MRP, then you might have purchased it from the grey market. In this market, goods are sold by unauthorised dealers. One thing to note here is that the grey market is an .