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Published Jul 03, 21
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Have you ever wondered how stock exchanges function in India? Those who are baffled by the theoretical aspects of their operations, investments and derivatives, read on. We present here some basic facts about the stock market and how trading is done. and demystify the stock market. Investors wishing to trade securities in a stock exchange have to channel their trade through a stock broker who is a member of that stock exchange.

During trading hours (which was between 12 noon and 2. 30 pm in most stock exchanges in India) brokers made bids to buy and offers to sell shares, indicating the name, volume and price of shares sought or offered, with a wide variety of signals using their hands, fingers and voices to communicate with other dealers.

With the advent of electronic trading, investors from distant areas of the country were able to trade in securities through brokers and sub-brokers with on-line connectivity to the stock exchanges. Both NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) offer fully computerized screen-based trading facilities to investors. The on-line trading system of BSE is known as BOLT (BSE's On-line Trading System), while that of NSE is known as NEAT (National Exchange for Automated Trading).

Thanks to these trading systems, brokers merely enter their buy and sell orders on the computers installed in their premises instead of assembling in the trading ring. Retail investors can also communicate their buy or sell orders through the Internet. The ease of electronic trading has also resulted in a significant increase in trading hours, i.

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from 9. 55 am to 3. 30 pm on all weekdays or almost six hours daily. In India, investors may trade in equity shares using two different methods -- cash account (or cash market) or margin trading. What is trading in the cash market? The term cash market is a misnomer since trading in the cash market does not really involve any cash transaction.

A delivery based transaction happens in the trade-to-trade segment. The actual delivery of share certificates (electronic delivery) and the payment for the purchase takes place before the next settlement date, when the outstanding accounts arising from trading on cash account for individual investors are settled. Non-delivery based trading in the cash market is known as day trading.

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They take reverse positions to set off their original positions in stocks within the day. At times, these trades may be reversed within minutes. In other words, these traders do not keep their positions open until the settlement date. Incidentally, an open position implies a bought or a sold position.

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Thus in delivery based trading in the cash market, shares are traded with the intention to deliver (or take possession of), while in the case of day trading positions are squared off within the day. In India, day trading now accounts for almost 80 per cent of cash market equity trading in terms of volume of trade.

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NSE provides its customers with a fully automated screen based trading system known as NEAT system, in which a member can punch into the computer quantities of securities and the prices at which he likes to transact and the transaction is executed as soon as it finds a matching sale or buy order from a counter party.

There had to be a physical delivery of securities -a process fraught with delays and resultant risks. The second aspect of the settlement relates to transfer of shares in favour of the purchaser by the company. The system of transfer of ownership was grossly inefficient as every transfer involves physical movement of paper securities to the issuer for registration, with the change of ownership being evidenced by an endorsement on the security certificate.

Theft, forgery, mutilation of certificates and other irregularities were rampant. In addition, the issuer has the right to refuse the transfer of a security. All this added to costs and delays in settlement, restricted liquidity and made investor grievance redressal time consuming and, at times, intractable. To obviate these problems, the Depositories Act, 1996 was passed.

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Two depositories, viz., NSDL and CDSL, have come up to provide instantaneous electronic transfer of securities In any stock exchange, trades or transactions have to be settled by either squaring up the carrying forward positions or settling by payment of net cash or net delivery of securities. This account settlement period, if it is long leads to several price distortions and allows for market manipulation.